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Data Science Training

Data Science is a multi-disciplinary field which uses scientific methods, processes and systems to gain insights of different types of data, both structured and unstructured. It unifies stats, data analysis etc. to enable us to analyze actual facts with the data available. It analyzes data, by using techniques such as machine learning, cluster analyzis, data mining, data bases and visualization of data etc. Broadly speaking it is a blend of the following three major areas: Mathematics Expertise, Technology & Hacking Skills and Business/Strategy Acumen.

Let us take a closer look as to what is needed to acquire expertise in Data Science:

Discovery of Data Insight:

  • By mining user habits of various groups, it is possible to determine user interest and use this to determine what the business should be producing to satisfy customer demands.
  • It can target major customer groups within the data base and identify their unique shopping trends, which will help a business to target messages to different types of market audiences.
  • It can be used to predict future demand and rationalise/optimise production accordingly.

Data science helps Data Scientists mine out insights by starting with data exploration. When a challenging query is posed to them, they analyse leads to understand patterns and characteristics indicated by the data. Once the basic pattern is understood, Data Scientists apply quantitative techniques such as inferential models, segmentation analysis, synthetic control experiments etc., to go into a deeper level, so that they can scientifically put together the picture of what the data is really saying and how to act on this information.

Development of data products using Data Science:

A Data Product is a technical asset and it uses data as its input. It then processes the input data to generate algorithmic results. To put it in perspective, a recommendation engine is a data product which analyzes user data and makes personalized recommendations based on the data.

  • Amazon recommendation engine uses algorithms to suggest to the user, items that he may need to purchase. Similarly, by judging customer preferences, Spotify recommends music to the customer.
  • E mail service providers use spam filters which are data products. In the back end, the algorithm checks and determines if the incoming mail is spam or not and directs the mail to the appropriate box.
  • Machine learning algorithms are used in driverless cars to recognize traffic signals, other traffic, pedestrians etc.

A data product contains an algorithm, which directly integrates with core applications in the back end. Data Scientists play a major role in developing data products. They formulate algorithms, then test and refine it before technical deployment into production systems. When looking at Data Scientists from this angle, they can be regarded as technical developers.

What makes a Data Scientist?

One of the common traits Data Scientists is that they tend to be deep thinkers and have intense intellectual curiosity. They like investigative work and the spirit of inquiry is second nature to them. They are the detectives in the software world. They have a flair for creativity and ingenuity, which helps them solve complex problems.

Data Science a challenging facet of the computer world and Data Scientists are its detectives. A career in Data Science is not only challenging, it can be deeply satisfying and exciting. A person inclined to be a Data Scientist can expect top pay, since a Data Scientist is crucial for a business to retain its cutting edge. You can get Data Science training in Chennai. Our organization, JPA Solutions, has a well deserved reputation for providing one of the best Data Science training in Chennai.

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